About Tagger Kits

What are tagger kits?

Generally tagger kits is a smaller of version 300 dpi. Instead of the kit being 300 dpi it would be 72 dpi.
Your elements and papers are going be smaller. Your papers are going to at 800 x 800 px. Your elements are generally going much smaller and is suitable for your projects.

Common Use for Tagger Kits

A lot of people use tagger kits for the creation of tags. Here is an example of tags above. Then others like to create incredimail letters or Outlook stationary,myspace layouts,myspace comments and much more. Generally this trend came from making signatures. This is used to insert into emails as a form of a signature. The difference between Tags vs Sigs is that a sig is about 200px and under. Where a tag is generally about 400 pixels and under.

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