Note: To all

Wow I am sure all of you have notice the last year I have lost interest in creating. It pretty much showed. Now I am back my life is settling down. I am back for good with God on my side. I wanna give thanks to a few people who stayed with through out this process. Some gave me advice some gave me support by hanging in there with and did not desert me through my hard times.

Special thanks to: God, Family, DNSCRAPS, Lauren Marcelle, Randi.

Well I have found a new house and more good things occurred for me. I am engaged waiting to have a engagement party. Where my hubby will slide that ring on my finger. So I have a lot to look forward in life. I will be taking care of the Breast mammogram thing. I was scared because they found something in my right breast. I can not go into denial about this anymore. He is going to be by my side. God and My Man and kids. My online friends as well.

I am also getting back into a few yahoo groups and my groups that I own as well. God Bless you all I hope to be blessed with a long life to bring my gifts to you all as well.


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