New Kit- Love of My Life Taggers Plus Full Size Kit & Coupon

Well I have finished my kit and now have it uploaded to the store. Sorry it took forever well I have been consumed with alot of doctor's appointments. Well one I had a mammogram and they found something. So now I half to go to another one to do the right breast from another angle. I am worried about it.  Then my son had all his front teeth pulled out in the front. His daddy was there him through the whole thing what a good dad. Well here is the results from the kit I have made.

I have plans on writing a tutorial because I remembered how I made it.
I also want to make some layouts as well. Here is the kit preview it is not a fancy preview.
Not all the elements are previewed in this preview. Listen when I tell you there is a lot of beautiful elements included in this kit. The designing possibilities are endless.

Also comes in full size too.

You can find both of these kits in my store for the taggers kit you can buy it here.
You can find the full size kit here.

For now the kits will be on special for a limited time only.
See the store for details.
If you buy today or tomorrow and you use this coupon code
LOMLFS for Full Sized Kit & LOMLTS for Tagger Sized Kit.
You will receive an additional 25% off the special sale price.

The Coupon is good until Jan 27th 2010.

Well off to create some beautiful layouts. I am thinking of using some layout templates and create from there and play with the kit with the layout templates so if you all know some good sites for layout templates let me know. Well have a blessed day... Most of all thank God for your blessings and say a prayer for me and your family and others in the world. I know I do at night.

Thanks for your time.

Sametra Designs

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