From our newest kit Love of My Life ( Full Sized & Tagger Sized )

Well first I will share the latest layout by my CT Jellebelleke.

I love what she has done with the layout.

This layout created from the Love of My Life Kit is by
myself.  I also too had fun creating it.


Ok now let me tell you what I have done to create this layout.
I had chosen the element for a frame and I used my magic want to click inside
the opening of the carriage and I clicked on selections
and scrolled to modify and to expand. So I expanded by 35 and created a new raster layer.
Moved the newly created layer underneath my carriage element. Then I went to edit and
selected paste into selection or use these comands CTRL+Shift+L.

Then placed the elements I wanted which were butterfly element &
Swirl element and label element.

Then I added some journal text and that's it.

Now here is the wonderful kit below.

You can find the kit in my store.

Thanks for taking the time out to view my blog.

The tag was also created using the
Love of my life tagger kit and full sized kit. I love to see what others create with my kit.
Send them to me I promise I will post them.

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