My Daughter Earned 2 Awards

Well our baby girl has won 2 awards and one of the awards was for the district and the other for her studies achieviements. Both of the awards were for silver. There was Gold and Silver given out.

Now this inspired me to do a quickpage and this is what I came up with. I had little time and so this one was quick.

Here is me and my daughter Shanice.

Shanice and her daddy

I plan on making 9 more quickpages for this kit. It will be in my store for only
$3.00. I know my prices are cheap. I sale for a cheap rate because I am a new designer. So any support from you all would be so great. I would love to see what you create with the freebies and purchased kits. I hope to get a gallery soon. I had to re do my store because of an site error and I find out it is an paypal error. So until paypal fixes the bug. I happen to be the lucky one to get there bug beta.
So this is why there is so little in my store.

I plan to add more each day. But for now whoo I need a break.

Wanna say thanks Lynn and Jackie for your support with my store. Thanks for your orders.


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